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UGH. *Sigh*

August 16th, 2007 at 04:40 pm


$40: Dinner.
$12: Dessert.

Last night, out to dinner with the girls, but we were celebrating a birthday and she wanted sushi. So that was pricey. We also all pitched in and paid for the b'day girl's dinner. So the $40 cash I pulled out a few hours earlier...GONE. Then we went to a dessert diner...where I just happened to be the one to order for the group...and instead of asking for money, I just put my card down. $10 (plus 20% tip) for 2 giant pieces of cake. I need to speak up more and really pay attention and ask for more contributions. I usually wave people away because I like to treat my friends. I need to stop that Frown

It's just disheartening. That $60 surprise check yesterday? That's pretty much the whole thing just blown. And instead of just slinking back into old habits, I'm trying to come here, confess my sins, get the dissapproving frowns from the super savers.

And today was just THE WORST at work. Hurdle after hurdle. Stubborn people hijacking my meetings to complain. Looming deadlines. New projects added to my already busy weeks. So yes, I am going to go out with my coworkers to Chevy's at 5PM and have a drink. I have $5 cash and if that will cover a beer, then that's all I get. We only do this once or twice a YEAR and today warrants it.

Wah, wah, wah. What a whiner!