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August 14th, 2007 at 11:12 am

Extended Weekend Spending:
$5.90: Random trinket for my nana.
$11.90: Bundt pan to make cake.
$88.79: Gift: 3 books and a magazine.
$5.13: 2 birthday cards.
$12.95: Lunch for my brother and I.
$163.74: Birthday gift for my sister (hopefully to be split with my brother).
$21.95: Random gift for my mom.
$6.44: $2.44 for a coffee and $4 cashback for the toll bridge this morning.
$1,305.85: Annual car insurance.
TOTAL: $1,622.65


And I still have to buy birthday gifts for my brother, youngest sister and mom!

BUT I will revel that none of that spending was for myself Smile Which is usually inevitable when gift shopping for others.

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